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Aradat Systems

Advanced computer solutions for companies and administrations.

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Comprehensive maintenance services at the best price.

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Web Services and Programming.

Monstroid² aims to satisfy real need of real projects. We’ve got a pack a of tools for that.
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We assign your own computer department, high quality technical support through our help desk and access to a team of experts. All for a fraction of the cost of fixed employees.

Web Services and Programming

In Aradat Systems we offer a wide range of Web Solutions. We offer you services of Web Hosting, Hosting, Positioning in search engines, SEO and SEM, design and creation of Web Pages, E-commerce, CMS, Digital Marketing, Community Manager services and Social Network management.

Do not waste your time

In Aradat Systems and in deference to the rest of the IT companies, we do not serve you according to what you pay, we serve all our clients equally, our goal is to solve the problem in less than 4 working hours. And if it is not possible to solve it before time we leave you another PC to keep working while we repair yours.

The magic of ALL in one

For companies with less than 4 workstations, we have the ideal solution to obtain the same benefits as the big companies, the only one in the market. The ALL IN ONE package includes everything your business needs.

Work wherever you want

We have a unique solution in the low cost market as an alternative to the servers CIRTEX and terminal server, our tool gives you access to the applications of your company from any device

Programming and Design

In Aradat Systems we have been working on the Internet since its inception, we started to develop websites from its beginnings and over time we have been adapting to the latest technologies of application development and web pages.

Web Hosting and Email

Our servers are hosted in the best data centers in Europe, so we can offer the best web hosting service, email and hard drive online for backup copies at low prices.

Need help?

We want to help you, put our services to the test, send us your doubts.
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What our customers think

Desde que estoy trabajando con Aradat sistemas he ido ahorrando en nuestro gasto mensual que prácticamente sus servicios nos salen GRATIS !

Javier Palos

ALL IN ONE for your company

For businesses with less than 4 workstations we have the ideal solution to obtain the same benefits as the large companies, the only one in the market, the ALL IN ONE package, it includes everything your business needs: telephony, Internet, mobile, software, management, accounting , etc … At an unimaginable price saving on what you pay monthly to your manager and your telephone company.
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Respuesta rápida

En Aradat Sistemas tenemos un técnico para cada cliente sin esperar que pierda tiempo.

Aislamiento de cuenta

Su sitio web estará seguro incluso si hay cuentas vulnerables.

Copias de seguridad

En Aradat Sistemas, nos preocupamos por sus datos y realizamos una copia de seguridad diaria.

Correo electrónico

¡Crea tantas direcciones de correo electrónico y envía correos electrónicos como necesites!

Protección al nivel de servidor

Si aparece una vulnerabilidad importante, desarrollamos y aplicamos soluciones a nivel de servidor.

Soporte gratuito 24 × 7/365

Puede contactar a nuestro equipo en cualquier momento, de día o de noche.